Going Gluten-Free: Doing the Research

By: Abbie Walker on Jul 6, 2016

As we all know, gluten-free trends and products have become a regular in diets and stores. Those with Celiac’s disease and gluten sensitivity have never had it easier to regulate their diets with what is now available.

I, personally, do not have the disease or sensitivity to gluten. I honestly didn’t know much about what foods to avoid and what foods were safe. So, I delved into the World Wide Web and people’s personal experiences to see how to live a life of gluten-free.

Did you know? - Foods that secretly contain gluten

  • Licorice is made with wheat flourLicorice containing gluten
  • Soy sauce is fermented with wheat or barley
  • Chocolate contains wheat flour (I was surprised at this)
  • Soup contains wheat flour
  • Salad dressing uses wheat flour as a thickening agent

I was very amazed by this list of foods that contained gluten. I had no clue that wheat flour was used in many different applications. The Celiac Disease Foundation was a great resource when it came to finding this sort of information.

There are many naturally gluten-free foods:

Click here  for a list of grains and foods that are naturally gluten-free

Click here for a list of foods containing gluten

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