National Doughnut Day

By: Edwin Vargas on Jun 2, 2017

Today is National Doughnut Day!

I honestly never knew so many days existed for foods, but getting a free doughnut from Dunkin’s was nice. Also, did I mention? Dughnuts are yummy.

Anyways, going back to me not knowing so many days existed dedicated to foods, some of these days include National Rotisserie Chicken Day, National Moonshine Day, and National Fish and Chips Day in England (though that is’t a huge surprise).


It’s also a weird phenomenon that we celebrate and dedicate certain days for food, and it’s not just a western thing, even cultures outside of the United States of America have them. We seem to have a weird connection to food that transcends stuffing ourselves with it. Perhaps, we realize the importance of food in our lives, not only to live but to enrich our lives with taste and smells that can invigorate and please.


Which brings us back to Doughnuts. Although, they may have a usual circular shape, you can always tell it’s a doughnut by that hole in the middle. And it only has one brother, the bagel. The only difference is that the doughnut is highly customizable, so you’ll know what it is when it’s drenched in a sweet glaze or dripping with chocolate off the sides or shining with color in edible glitter. And yes, those descriptions were possibly exaggerated, but still it’s national doughnut day, so go out and enjoy those doughnuts!