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Helpful Insights into the Granulation & Agglomeration Processes

Published on Jan 14, 2020

The terms “granulation” and “agglomeration” have been used interchangeably despite the distinctions made by the chemical industry. In this discussion, “granulation” will be used to provide insights into the process of transforming fine powder particles below 150 microns, into stable large aggregates (up to mm) while retaining the appearance of the constituent particles. The granulation process can be used to provide functional benefits or remedy an inconvenience, such as the case with powder caking during storage. In both cases, granulation is created by cohesive and adhesive forces between neighboring particles.


Functional Ingredients for Packaged Bread: A Quick Look

Published on Dec 17, 2019

High rates of preventable chronic disease and the growing consumer interest in food as medicine have put a spotlight on functional foods. As a household staple, packaged bread with functional nutrition has the potential to make a big impact on public health. Explore the top functional ingredients for bread and the unique benefits they offer.


Grocery Bread Aisle Goes Multicultural and Artisanal

Published on Dec 10, 2019

Consumer interest in multicultural and artisan breads is growing globally. The Millennial pursuit of taste adventure—of foods that let the taste buds travel to a different place or time—is key to understanding this trend. Learn how consumers’ quest for global flavors and heritage textures is transforming the center bread aisle.


Exploring the Nutritional Impact of Plant-Based Pet Foods

Published on Dec 3, 2019

As more and more vegans and vegetarians seek out non-animal sources of protein in foods for their pets, some manufacturers are seeing plant-based pet foods as the next big growth opportunity. Learn what’s driving interest in plant-based pet foods and how manufacturers can meet this demand, while still ensuring good nutrition with the right plant proteins and nutrient fortifications.


Functional Nutrition in Pet Foods: A Quick Guide

Published on Nov 25, 2019

Pet owners are increasingly turning to pet food to prevent and treat health issues in their pets. In response, manufacturers often reach for functional ingredients that are trending in human food. How can you be sure of their effects on pets? Here we review some key research findings on the efficacy of functional nutrition in pet foods and consider how efficacy research can help manufacturers of pet food as well as human food.


What's Behind the Premiumization of Pet Foods?

Published on Nov 18, 2019

According to Euromonitor, the premiumization megatrend is playing out even in the pet food category—with premium products now accounting for 61 percent of U.S. dog and cat food sales.1 Pet owners are seeking quality and have proven they’re willing to pay for it. Learn what’s driving the growth in premium pet foods, what premium really means to pet owners, and how manufacturers can deliver.


Personalized Nutrition for Pets: What Manufacturers Should Know for 2020

Published on Nov 14, 2019

We’ve seen food industry trends like natural, minimal processing and short ingredient lists quickly make their way into the pet food industry. Now, personalized nutrition for pets is picking up speed, with some big players getting in on the game. Learn what pet owners are looking for, which products are trending, and how pet nutrition companies can give their products some personalized appeal!


Emerging Pet Nutrition Trends for 2020

Published on Nov 11, 2019

Here’s a look at 2020’s top emerging trends in pet nutrition that pet food and supplement manufacturers need to know—including personalized nutrition, plant-based, online private label, and more!


Pet Snack and Treat Food Trends for 2020

Published on Nov 5, 2019

The growing demand by pet owners for healthy, nutritious pet snacks and treats has led to an explosion of innovative products. From spent brewer’s grains to freeze-drying, here’s a look at the top emerging pet snack and treat trends for 2020, which include creative new approaches to sustainability, clean label, and of course, health.


5 Revolutionary Innovations That Have Spurred Food Science

Published on Oct 8, 2019

Food science innovations have the power to impact the daily lives of millions of people for the better. From process advances like pasteurization and microwave ovens to the invention of beloved products like instant noodles and space ice cream, food science continues to move forward in exciting ways. Learn about the most recent innovations—from fingerprinting food molecules to detect adulteration to changing the shape of sugar to reduce calories.

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