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A Guide to Personalized Nutrition in 2020

Published on Aug 29, 2019

The landscape of personalized nutrition has been changing fast as companies explore new strategies to connect with consumers and new technologies to better customize their experience. Food and beverage manufacturers pursuing personalized nutrition platforms now find themselves in the company of tech investors who are also seizing this opportunity—with more than $150 million1 invested so far. Read on to learn what personalized nutrition will look like in 2020.


How to Build Consumer Trust in the Food Industry

Published on Aug 20, 2019

According to a recent survey by The Center for Food Integrity, only 33% of consumers have strong confidence in the safety of their food, down from 47% the prior year.1 Consequences of this perception can include consumers rejecting certain types of products and seeking out alternative (sometimes unreliable) sources of information to learn more about their food. Here we outline the top strategies for building trust with consumers.


2019 Nutrition Trends for Active Adults: What They Are and Why They Matter

Published on Aug 16, 2019

The new active lifestyle consumer is keeping food marketers on their toes. This growing consumer segment has different nutrition interests than mainstream and sports nutrition consumers. And these predominantly affluent consumers are willing to pay for the products they want to support their active lifestyles. From no and low sugar hydration to on-the-go plant protein, let’s take a look at this year’s nutrition trends for active adults.


Nutrition Label Unit Changes -- And the Reasons Behind Them

Published on Jul 25, 2019

One of the many recent nutrition label changes underway is the change in units for four nutrients—vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and folate. Here’s a quick guide to how these units are changing and the reasons why.

How Does the Spray Drying Process Work?

Published on Jul 25, 2019

Spray drying has been used in the food industry for about 150 years and is responsible for creating some of the most essential ingredients and products in the food industry today—such as milk powder, instant coffee, and powdered flavors. Learn the key steps in the spray drying process, the top benefits of this process, and the variables you should know for creating the perfect powder.


Top Trends in Women's Health and Nutrition for 2019

Published on Jul 23, 2019

How are 2019’s food and beverage trends like oat milk, MCTs, and probiotic cereal influencing women’s health and nutrition? Learn which nutrition trends women are embracing and why—plus the latest nutrient and calorie recommendations for women at every age.


A Guide to Winning in the ESports Market in 2019

Published on Jul 18, 2019

This is the year the global eSports market will surpass $1 billion in revenue. Prize money is high at the top eSports competitions, and so is viewership. Learn how manufacturers of foods, beverages, and nutritional supplements can tap into this fast-growing market. Here we cover the top eSports events, corporate sponsorship opportunities, and the kinds of products that can support gamers’ unique needs for sustained energy and focus.


How Major Manufacturers Are Targeting Gamers (with Real-World Examples)

Published on Jul 17, 2019

From sponsoring eSports events to formulating products just for gamers, learn how major food and beverage companies like Mars, Kellogg’s, and PepsiCo are engaging with the eSports market—including their strategies for connecting with gamers and the types of products they’re selling.


The Top 5 Health Benefits Consumers Want from Foods in 2019

Published on Jul 16, 2019

Better-for-you foods continue to proliferate as food companies vie for the attention of increasingly health-conscious consumers. It’s become such an expectation that in some categories, you face a competitive disadvantage if your product line isn’t "better for you" in one way or another. But what are the health benefits consumers are looking for today? Are your products delivering the right ones? And how are current food and diet trends influencing consumer perceptions of what’s healthy?


Sustainability Is Not Just a Passing Trend - Here's Why

Published on Jul 9, 2019

With 66% of global consumers willing to pay more for sustainable brands,1 it’s no wonder the food industry has started paying attention. Both Mintel2 and Innova3 identified sustainable food as a key trend for this year. Learn how manufacturers are responding to consumer preferences for sustainable products, explore the top sustainable food trends, and see what's next for sustainable foods.

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