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How Food and Beverage Manufacturers Can Level Up in the eSports Market

Published on Jul 1, 2019

The esports market, forecast to reach $2.17 billion by 2023,1 has become a global phenomenon with international tournaments, professional gamers, sponsors, merchandise, and more. Gamers, known for their brand loyalty and strength as influencers on social media, remain a largely untapped market for food and beverage manufacturers. Learn how products like G FUEL—The Official Energy Drink of Esports—are addressing the unique needs of gamers and how your company can get in the game, too!


IFT 2019 Food Expo Recap: Here's Everything You Might Have Missed

Published on Jun 27, 2019

IFT’s 2019 Food Expo made downtown New Orleans the place to be for food product developers and marketers across the country. From June 2nd to 5th, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center hosted more than 17,000 attendees and over 1,200 exhibitors. Highlights included trends in flavors and global cuisines, themes such as plant-based and sugar reduction, and sessions on traceability and connecting with consumers across generations. Read on to catch up on everything you might have missed, including this year’s competition winners!


A Quick Guide to Men's Health and Nutrition for 2019

Published on Jun 27, 2019

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? Across the country, health advocates are reminding men and boys to take care of their health—and good health starts with good nutrition. Healthy nutrition choices are especially important for men because good nutrition impacts heart health, mood, and energy levels, along with supporting wellness goals like increasing strength and maintaining a healthy weight. Learn about the latest nutrient and calorie recommendations for men and whether today’s diet trends are good or bad for men’s health.


Sports Nutrition Trends 2019: What Consumers Want

Published on Jun 27, 2019

The mainstreaming of sports nutrition has pushed the category into new directions. As the consumer base evolves, manufacturers must be willing to change their approach to address the diverse needs of serious athletes, as well as the so-called “active lifestyle consumers.” Check out this year’s top sports nutrition trends and what today's consumer is looking for.


Top Trends in Children's Foods for 2019

Published on Jun 25, 2019

Healthy nutrition is the top consideration for nearly half (46%) of parents when deciding which foods to buy for their kids, according to market research firm Packaged Facts.1 But what does a healthy nutrition label mean to today’s parents? Learn how the demands of Millennial parents are creating a new wave of better-for-you children’s foods, complete with taste adventure and on-the-go packaging.


Growth and Opportunity Abound in the RTD Beverage Market

Published on May 21, 2019

The U.S. ready-to-drink (RTD) sports drink market has grown to $6.5 billion annually thanks to new categories of consumers.1 Learn how the broad appeal of convenient, healthy refreshment is winning fans beyond the sports crowd and which innovations can help RTD beverage manufacturers capitalize on this growing opportunity.


Calcium: A Quick Guide to this Nutrient of Concern

Published on Apr 23, 2019

If there’s one mineral Americans know a lot about, it’s calcium. Thanks to the long-running “Got Milk?” campaign, we know calcium is important for strong bones and that milk contains plenty of it. So why are Americans falling short on this important nutrient? Learn everything you need to know about calcium and the new FDA regulations that affect calcium labeling.


Identifying and Addressing Nutrient Gaps in Popular Diets

Published on Apr 18, 2019

You might have guessed that popular diets like keto, low FODMAP, and gluten-free can have nutrient gaps. But did you know that even the healthiest of diets—those recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans—can also fall short in nutrients? Here we examine how healthy diets can still have nutrient gaps and which fortifications can make up the difference.


RDA vs. RDI vs. DV: How Are They Different?

Published on Apr 4, 2019

There’s RDA, RDI, DV, and more—when it comes to understanding nutrition, it can seem like they’re feeding you alphabet soup! Here we break down the differences among these important nutrient guidelines and see how they impact the nutrition label.


The Nutrition Facts Label: What's New for 2019?

Published on Mar 19, 2019

Since the FDA unveiled the new nutrition facts label in 2016, there have been a lot of twists and turns for food and beverage manufacturers to follow—ranging from what’s considered an added sugar to when the new labels actually go into effect. Learn about the latest nutrition label news and how to make sure your company is ready for the change.