How is Watson Feeding the Good Food Future?

By: Watson Team on Aug 18, 2017

We believe everyone should have access to healthy foods and good nutrition.

We started by making sure our employees had access to good, healthy foods.  Many of our team members live in apartments, and so do not have the means to grow sufficient quantities their own fresh vegetables. So... we dug up the front lawn and started our own “Watson Community” garden, which supports not just our employees and their families, but also the local food bank in our town!


We also strive to inspire other companies to do the same.  We are planning a garden party and open house, and inviting local business to join us in creating their own company gardens, as well as planting a row for the Food Bank.

ct-foodbank-photo.jpgWe helped fund the new building for the Connecticut Food Bank, which supports 700 member food banks and provides 18 million meals every year. We also sponsor a shelf at our local pantries in West Haven CT and Taylorville IL, and work actively in the community to encourage additional support from other local business

Internationally, we extend aid to areas like the Dominican Republic to supply supplements needed to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

We don’t make foods, we make the ingredients that make foods healthier.  Watson formulates and manufactures custom nutrient premixes, which are used to fortify foods, beverages, and supplements.  We also make a full line of clean-label bakery ingredients, as well as a line of naturally-colored sprinkles without partially-hydrogenated vegetable oils or added sweeteners (because it’s good to have a little splash of fun with your healthy). 

Some of our custom nutrient blends are used for hunger relief.  We are very proud to supply nutritional premixes that are used in foods intended for emergency relief after natural disasters or famine.

Reducing Food Waste

We are innovatively developing natural shelf-life extenders which prevent the staling and molding of bread. It is estimated that 32% of bread purchased is wasted and discarded. Innovation in natural shelf-life extension will help reduce this waste, and we are making very exciting progress towards this goal.

Trust and Transparency

We provide full disclosure to our customers by providing a complete Certificate of Analysis with every lot, which includes the actual assay date. We share information though all departments within our company, at all levels of the organization. We encourage a collaborative work environment, and we encourage customers to visit us and audit!


We are passionate about saving energy.

Our own Kaizen team, made up of employees from diverse departments, identified and quantified all the energy we consumed in our building. From this data, we developed a multiphasic plan that spans everything from wind/solar, to upgrading to high-efficiency equipment, to re-engineering existing systems to optimize efficiency.

Since 2010, we have purchased all of our electricity from 100% renewable wind energy. This costs us a little more, however we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Next year, we will be installing solar panels on our warehouse in Orange, Connecticut. We replaced 16 of our roof top AC units with more energy-efficient units on our West Haven, Connecticut plant.

Many of our production processes rely heavily on compressed air. About 25% of the energy consumption in our West Haven plant is from the production of compressed air alone.  We upgraded our air compressor to a more efficient unit, and repaired the compressed air piping throughout our factory to eliminate air leaks, and increased the size of the main compressor air lines, resulting in a more than 5% savings in our electrical consumption. We have also designed the new system to recycle and reuse waste heat from the air compressor to heat water for our wash-down processes, drying processes, and even potentially provide ambient heat for the building in the winter.  All this has resulted in significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and additional savings.

Reengineering our dust-collection systems also resulted in significant greenhouse gas reduction. Our old system expelled the entire room’s air volume each half-hour, which required the air conditioner to re-cool replacement air in the room every thirty minutes.  Our new system returns filtered air back into the room, utilizing smaller and more efficient blower motors.

By the end of 2018, we will reduce our total electrical consumption by at least 25% - a reduction of over 1 million kWh!


Watson is Feeding the Good Food Future by helping to improve access to healthy foods and good nutrition, and by using cutting-edge innovation to reduce food waste, and by engaging our team members to use ingenuity and innovative strategies to reduce overall energy consumption.