By: Moira Watson on May 5, 2015

It’s more than masking flavors or improving stability. Microencapsulation allows for changing physical properties like color, or changing oils to powders. You can also control or delay a release of an active.

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If you are interested in how microencapsulation technology is used in food, beverage, and dietary supplement formulations, please watch our 15 minute on-demand webinar designed to explain the applications and benefits of different microencapsulation technologies such as hot melt, solvent-based, aqueous, and spray drying. This webinar, entitled, “Microencapsulation Technology used in Value Added Nutrient Premix Applications”, is the third in a series of five on-demand webinars which will be made available this spring.  

The speaker for this series is Alice Wilkinson; one of the foremost industry-recognized experts in the field of nutritional formulation. In this webinar, Wilkinson explains selection of coating matrix in fluidized bed top-spray coating, coating technologies, use of Aqueous coating as pre-coatings, and spray drying to convert on oil-based nutrient into a powdered form. Electron microscope photographs and illustrations are used to explain the differences in the particles resulting from each of these technologies. The application for each technology and the benefits derived are connected to the unique characteristics of the particles shown.  

Wilkinson also outlines the main reasons why formulators choose to use value-added micro-encapsulation in Nutrient Premixes for fortification. These benefits include flavor masking, odor masking, modified release, and barrier coatings to prevent ingredient interactions and degradation. This webinar also covers considerations which must be made in the selection of coating materials, based on the positioning or market of the final food products. For example, are GMO materials acceptable, will the products need to meet Whole Foods ingredient requirements, and are hydrogenated oils acceptable or not.