Why premixes?

By: Moira Watson on Jun 2, 2015

Why Premixes?

That's a good question. Why use a nutrition or vitamin/mineral premix when you can just buy straight vitamins? We have the answer for you in a 5-minute on-demand webinar designed to explain the benefits that can be realized by utilizing a Nutrient Premix in place of single nutrients.

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The speaker is Alice Wilkinson; one of the foremost industry-recognized experts in the field of nutritional formulation. In this webinar, Wilkinson provides an overview of blending technology and blending equipment. The features and benefits of typical blending equipment, attachments like intensifier bars and spray bars, and the results on the finished blend are also discussed.

Wilkinson also discusses nutrient premix design, cost/function balance, and the importance of investing time up-front in the process to prevent costly errors. Other considerations, such as the background of the formulator, Certificates of Analysis, regulatory knowledge, supplier approval and resources of advice and guidance are also covered.

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