Why Use a Premix?

By: Moira Watson on Jun 10, 2015

Here are four ways premixes will save you time, and ten ways a premix will save you money.

For fortifying or enriching food, beverage, or supplement products, why should you consider using a nutrient premix? Why use a Premix when you could formulate with the individual nutrients? In short, with a premix, you save time and money, and you save yourself development stress because you are getting expert guidance from your supplier and the benefits of advanced technology.

Four ways that a premix will save you time:Soft Baked Nutrition Bar

  1. Improves purchasing efficiency by minimizing the number of raw materials and vendors.
  2. Premix supplier’s Certificate of Analysis reduces the Quality Control process at your facility.
  3. Reduces the lengthy scaling (weighing of each ingredient) process.
  4. Premix homogeneity simplifies the finished good Quality Control process.

Ten ways a premix will save you money compared to the alternative, which is buying individual nutrients.

  1. Reduces freight costs on individual ingredients.
  2. Reduces inventory / warehousing.
  3. Eliminates costly scaling errors.
  4. Reduces waste.
  5. Reduces labor costs.
  6. Reduces Quality Control costs.
  7. Reduces the need for outside assays.
  8. Reduces the number of purchase orders processed.
  9. Simplifies the complex product development process.
  10. Delivers optimum nutrient value.

But wait there’s more! Using a leading premix supplier also gives you access to their technology! For example, Watson’s sophisticated production capabilities incorporate advanced technologies such as micro-encapsulation, offering a wide range of barrier properties for flavor masking and to overcome moisture, heat, and oxygen sensitivities. We also offer spray-drying, micronizing, and instantizing. All this technology in-house from one supplier, means a better custom nutrient premix for your product.

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